Criminal lawyers

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Criminal disputes

Recently, the work relating to criminal cases has become more diverse and the cases themselves have become more complicated.

To keep up with such trend, Ye&P’s Criminal lawyers who have good theoretical and practical knowledge of the relevant issues provide legal services tailored for the needs of each client.

Our attorneys who have extensive experience in providing advice and litigating cases on criminal matters will do their best to provide legal services which are responsive to and meet the demands of the clients.



General Crime


  • In Ye&Partners, We have lawyers who have extensive experience with criminal prosecutions from previous careers in the Prosecutor’s Office or in the judiciary. We are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with in-depth knowledge of criminal dispute procedures, and are able to navigate the client through all stages of the dispute, from investigations by police or prosecutors or administrative organizations to court trial.


White Collar Crime


  • Ye&Partners’ White Collar Crime specialized group is well-experienced not only in defense counseling but also in protecting clients’ interests by assisting in enforcement against infringers or wrong doers. In this regard, it is important for an injured party to procure incriminating evidence against the infringing party for the crime committed. Based on wealth of experience, the Group assists clients in collecting evidence in close cooperation with investigating authorities to support the charges against violators and thereby

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    stop them from committing further acts that may aggravate the harm already suffered.


Government investigation


  • We provides advice and representation at all levels, and in both domestic and foreign jurisdictions. At the advisory level, our attorneys provide guidance to our corporate clients on compliance training and education of its executives and employees, develop internal policies and protocols for regulatory compliance, conduct internal investigations for corruption and other violations, and due diligence in M&A and other transactions. Our attorneys are experienced in conducting internal investigations on behalf of corporate clients as well as in preparation for representation in all stages of administrative, civil or criminal litigation and enforcement actions.



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