Intellectual Property

Patent & Trademark

  • Yeyul identifies and analyzes the status of intellectual property(patent, trademark, etc.) ownership and management by a company and provides consulting for an effective management system.  Yeyul also examines prior art in connection with domestic and foreign patent application and advises on the effective strategy for intellectual property protection.



  • Yeyul has considerable experience in protection copyrighted works, including culture-based contents and computer software. More specifically, we provide monitoring service for copyright infringing activities in order to protect the copyright of photos, images, music and videos and help copyright holders restore their legitimate interests.


Trade Secret

  • In order to prevent infringement and damage to the property rights of domestic corporations through the disclosure of advanced technology, relevant statutes, such as the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act and the Protection and Prevention

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    of Disclosure of Industrial Technology Act, have been further amended. Despite such efforts, violations in this area nonetheless persist. Recognizing that damage is unavoidable once misappropriation of a trade secret occurs, Yeyul provides legal advice to clients at all levels to aid them in managing such risks. In our operations, we are well aware that a swift response is the key in minimizing the damage.



  • Our attorneys know the legal side of the media and entertainment business and understand its commercial demands. Yeyul has advised our clients on Korean laws and regulations relating to media and entertainment and the broadcasting review process, drafted and executed various types of relevant agreements, and effectively defended our clients in various litigations and proceedings.


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