Legal Consultation Feedbacks

Legal consultation Feedbacks

These are the feedbacks from the people around the world

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who have used our  legal consultation service.


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  • Kate Chang -

    I was very embarrassed when I received the written notice from my landlord. So I googled this website and solved my legal matters regarding house very easily.

  • Andrew -

    It was first time to feel comfortable when I consult with Korean lawyer, She was very nice and competent lawyer.

  • Jefferson -

    I found the help to be very professional and competent. I found comfort in the knowledgeable staff. After meeting with Ye&Partners, I came away with a more fluid understanding of the legal system, and my rights in certain situations.

  • Maria Oh -

    Being represented by Ye&Partners reduced my concern about the issue while I went to school. I would most definitely recommend Michelle Chang to anybody seeking legal advice/representation

  • Amy -

    The attorney I spoke to gave me all the information I needed for my case plus extra helpful info 🙂

  • Anna.K.Park -

    Michelle is amazing and helped with every part of the process and was able to maintain great professionalism while keeping the situation calm and as relaxed as possible. I know that I couldn’t have had the result that I have without her help

  • Mike Kim -

    I was very happy with the service I received from Ye&Partners. From meetings to courtroom proceedings I felt that I was very well represented throughout my legal situation. I was explained everything that I did not understand throughout the ordeal

  • James Hyun -

    I’d just like to say thank you to all of the staff employed at the Office of Ye&Partners. I found their services to be very helpful and informative.

  • REILLY -

    Even though I do not live in Korea, this legal consultation service was very helpful.
    I was so glad she was fluent at English too. Thank you!!

  • RUTHIE -

    Hi Jin! Thank you for your prompt reply. Your answer was so clear and helpful to me. I hope we meet soon.
    Thanks again!

  • Dean. F -

    Thanks so much for your reply. It is nice to have like you who will help and give free advice to your people especially for foreigners like me here in Korea. Thank you again

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