Corporate Law

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a matter of the foundation of a company and has no choice but to have a direct impact on the growth and development of the company. This requires a very precise legal review and thorough preparation. In addition, since regulations related to corporate governance span various laws such as commercial law, capital market regulation law, corporate group regulation law, and tax law, and are very broad, it is necessary to review these laws in a complex manner. We provide legal services on various issues related to corporate governance, such as corporate governance, restructuring, shareholders' meetings, board of directors, and other corporate governance issues, stock ownership and management rights issues.

Employment & Labor

Ye & Partners prepares labor-management related bylaws and company regulations to create a smooth cooperative relationship between the two parties in a situation of increasingly sharp labor-management conflict, and advises on various contracts such as employment contracts, contracts for prohibition of dual employment, and confidentiality contracts necessary for the operation of the personnel system. I'm doing it. In particular, we have a variety of practical experience in resolving disputes in administrative agencies related to labor law.

M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)

Ye & Partners establishes the optimal transaction structure and strategy suitable for the customer's demand, conducts legal due diligence, preparation and negotiation of all contracts and other documents required for the transaction. We provide comprehensive legal review and advice to ensure the successful completion of transactions promoted by customers, such as carrying out government licensing, approval, and reporting based on close consultation.

Antitrust Litigation

As a leader in the field of fair trade, which is becoming increasingly complex and diversified day by day, Ye & Partners is actively engaged in legal advisory activities on business combinations, unfair joint activities (cartel), abuse of market dominance, unfair trade, subcontracting, and terms and conditions. Furthermore, it provides legal services based on in-depth theory, accumulated DB, and abundant practical experience, such as responding to the investigation by the Fair Trade Commission and presenting practical solutions to customers in relations with the Fair Trade Commission and courts such as fair trade litigation.

Corporate Rehabilitation proceeding

The corporaterehabilitation system is operated by a corporation or corporation by adjusting the laws and debt relations of stakeholders such as creditors, shareholders, equity right holders, etc. with respect to a company experiencing financial difficulties (bankruptcy) due to temporary or structural problems. It is a legal system designed to promote the efficient rehabilitation of the business in which it is being operated.

Ye & Partners helps the company to normalize through all procedures from the application for the start of corporate rehabilitation to the approval of the rehabilitation plan. In the case of a company facing financial difficulties, it is a huge loss for the company, its stakeholders, and the social and national level if it is not given an opportunity to rehabilitate even though it is economically worth rehabilitation. Therefore, if it is judged that it is more advantageous to maintain the business by adjusting the debt relationship surrounding the company rather than liquidating the company, the debtor or his or her legal relationship is adjusted under the supervision of the court by adjusting the legal relations of interested parties such as creditors, shareholders, equity holders, etc. There is a need to revitalize the business, and Ye & Partners goes through corporate rehabilitation procedures together with companies with rehabilitation value to make the company normal.