Civil Law

General Civil Litigation

From the pre-lawsuit stage, Ye & Partners approaches clients in a familiar relationship and responds to advice and counseling so that you can respond appropriately to your rights. Furthermore, experienced attorneys with proficient litigation practice experience and young and ambitious attorneys with professional knowledge provide total legal services for all legal issues. Ye & Partners is exhibiting excellent dispute resolution ability by fully reflecting the client's understanding based on expertise in the field of expertise, litigation practice ability, and sincere litigation proceedings.

Family Litigation

Ye & Partners has continued to make efforts to reasonably and smoothly solve various problems arising from diverse family types and relationships, especially in relation to family relations, inheritance relations, divorce and property division, based on professional knowledge and experience. We provide detailed legal advice services so that various stakeholders can make the best choice, and we are striving to draw the best conclusions even in litigation.

Real Estate

Real estate has traditionally been recognized only as an important material basis for companies, but now it is recognized as a major investment target, and accordingly, real estate investment using special purpose vehicles is being activated. In addition, new real estate development work is being actively carried out, and domestic companies' overseas real estate development related work is also increasing. Ye & Partners is carrying out a variety of tasks related to domestic and foreign real estate investment, development, and various disputes.


Depending on the social activities of individuals and companies, there are many cases where they have to take responsibility regardless of whether they are intentional or negligent.In particular, in the case of companies, as the importance of the social role has emerged, responsibility for corporate activities has become a very important issue. We provide the best legal advisory service to resolve this quickly and reasonably.